The GCC Apprenticeship program is open to candidates ages 21-27 who are discerning a potential call to vocational ministry. Apprentices will be given the opportunity to engage in, lead, and create ministries that fall within the overall vision and culture of GCC, while at the same time being mentored and discipled through the process by GCC leadership. Our goal is that by full participation in this program, each Apprentice will gain valuable ministry tools, will be exposed to the day to day workings of an inner-city Church plant & will leave with a clearer understanding of his/her own calling, passions & gifts.

Time Commitment 

The Apprenticeship will begin in August 2018 and will run until July 2019. All Apprentices are expected to commit fully to the program for this duration and may have the option of extending their Apprenticeship for an additional year in consultation with the Lead Pastor. The program will commence with a 3-day retreat, and a regular weekly schedule will be agreed upon by Apprentices and GCC staff. 

On a typical week, Apprentices are expected to be available for a minimum of 20 hours of ministry. In ministry, rarely are two weeks the same; however, typically this will involve Sunday commitments (roughly 7 hours), 1 full work day (roughly 8 hours) & then various other commitments (house churches, campus ministries, etc.) that will occur on evenings throughout the week.

Ministry Responsibilities 

In consultation with GCC leadership each Apprentice will develop a specific ministry focus and plan. This focus will fall within the overall vision of GCC and will seek to utilize and explore the individual’s passions, callings and gifts. 

In addition to this specific ministry focus, each Apprentice will be expected to participate in various “all team” events and responsibilities. These could include, but are not limited to, Sunday service responsibilities, campus evangelism, relationship building, house church leadership, volunteer coordination, church events and discipleship.

Financial Details

All Apprentices are expected to raise a monthly support goal. This goal will be different for each person and must be set in consultation with GCC leadership. All support gifts will be processed through GCC and are tax deductible to the giver. 

In addition to this, Apprentices are encouraged (though not required) to seek part time employment in the city. This employment should not exceed 25 hours per week and should not be scheduled for Sundays or other set team meeting times (to be advised). There is potential for GCC to help set up employment opportunities in the city. Ideally, Apprentices would see this employment as an opportunity to build relationships in the city. 


GCC leadership will offer help in finding housing for Apprentices. Apprentices are encouraged (though not required) to live within the District and to investigate the potential for house share arrangements. 


Contact Pete bauman :: :: 770.265.2069