DESIRE :: Faithful and Fulfilled

In this message, Pastor Chris wraps up our ‘Desire’ series by exploring the nature of God’s call to sacrifice and lay down our lives. While we all know the cost of following Jesus is high, especially as it relates to our desires, are there places we’ve misunderstood the call and not taken hold of the full promise of fulfilment that God ultimately offers?

DESIRE :: Sex And Identity

In week 2 of our ‘Desire’ series, Pastor Chris leads us deep into the connection between our identity and desire and how easily we can mistake one for the other. He also talks specifically about the connection between identity and sexual desire and how important it is for us know first God’s name over each of us.

DESIRE :: What, Why, Where and How?

In this message, Pastor Chris begins our ‘Desire’ series by exploring the nature of desire, its origin, its purpose, its potential and how God calls us to live as people of desire. These are some big picture questions that are so important to explore as we seek to uncover more specifically the role desire plays in our lives over the coming weeks.

Make: The Road To Transformation

This week, Pastor Chris concludes our ‘Make’ series on discipleship by exploring the goal of discipleship and a real achievable journey for stepping towards it. By entering into honest, Holy Spirit led examination of the different layers of our lives we can become people who live in align with God’s word and our truest identity.

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Sowing & Reaping

This week Pastor Chris Moerman discusses ‘Sowing and Reaping’. You can’t truly engage the Bible without encountering this theme, yet for many of us, it feels like a scary and uncomfortable topic to talk about. He explores what the Bible has to say about it, why we find ourselves so uncomfortable around it and how we can let it be an important part of our walk with God.