Road // Cave, Road, Table, Fire

Pastor Chris Moerman teaches week two ‘The Road’ of our new series; ‘Cave, Road, Table, Fire’, The road is the journey of our life, it’s the place where we step out in faith to follow God and to encounter Him along the way. What we often find however is that often the journey looks way different than we expected. Chris helps to answer the question, “What does God say about our road  when it doesn’t resemble the picture perfect journey we may have envisioned?”.

Table // Guest Speaker - Holly Avera

This Sunday we kicked off a new series called; ‘Cave, Road, Table, Fire - The Practices of a Rooted Renegade’. This is a series all the Grace churches have been engaging in. It centers around how we implement practices, disciplines and rhythms into our lives that will grow us more into the likeness of Jesus, the original ‘Rooted Renegade’. Grace Capital City welcomes our friend Holly Avera to speak about Table.

Guest Speaker - Ben Hardman

Pastor Ben Hardman joins us from Grace Marietta - a church right outside of Atlanta and a part of the Grace Family of Churches. His sermon is a powerful message for our church and city about how God’s presence is the true ‘Promise Land’ that all of our hearts long for.