February has been a great month for us in GCC, new people are being added to our launch team consistently, and we are continually praying that God will give us the favor, facilities and resources we need to launch in September.

One of the exciting things that has happened in the last month is the GWU students that have come and checked us out. Our Apprentices have been meeting students on campus, and it’s been great to have some of them come and worship with us on a Sunday night… we’re praying that God would entrust us with many students to disciple and pour into over the coming years.

For right now we’re still meeting at the beloved Starbucks on Capitol Hill. The space is full, and we’re exploring alternatives on GWU’s campus, so please pray God would open the right doors for that to happen.

We love DC, we love all that God is doing here, and we can constantly sense the potential of all that God wants to do through GCC in this great city. Thank you for your partnership and prayers, it means more then you can know!



Time to introduce you to some members of our incredible GCC launch team. We have so many amazing people with so many different gifts and passions as part of this community, and this month’s members are no exception.

Let me introduce you to the newly married Frank & Sarah Krech! These two met at Georgia Tech and moved to the DC area after graduating. Frank is a Structural Engineer at Wolfman & Associates in Silver Spring, MD, and Sarah is an Operating Room Technician at the Women’s Hospital at Inova Fairfax in Virginia. We are so excited for Frank & Sarah to be a part of this launch team!




Why did you decide to be a part of the GCC launch team?

For me (Sarah), becoming a part of the launch team was more about following Chris and Jess than anything else. Chris has had a significant role in every spiritual milestone so far in my life. I fully believe in the anointing he has as a pastor, and know from personal experience that God is using him to radically change people’s lives, and I wanted to be a part of that here in DC. For me (Frank), I felt the call to move to a new city long before Grace announced the church plant. Grace has always focused itself on city mission, and I knew that DC was a huge step toward that calling God has for me.

What do you love about the city of Washington DC?

What we love most about DC is the variety of cultures that are represented here. In the attractions, the food, and the people that we live and work with, it’s abundantly clear that people of so many different backgrounds are valued and celebrated. They all contribute to making this the most powerful city in the world, and in that lies so much potential for us to learn and minister as a community.

How would you describe the kind of church community you want to be a part of establishing in DC?

Above all, we want GCC to foster a spirit of intentionality – both with the church family that we have already grown to know and love, and also with those we have yet to meet. Especially in today’s society, where people are very connected but not always personally, it is vital for us and for our community to go out of our way to love and serve everyone with the compassion of Jesus, regardless of their religious or political affiliation, background, or lifestyle.