Talking With Kelsi - Member Profile

Hello Kelsi! What brought you to DC?

So October 2014, you guys announced that you were going to plant the church. One, my husband and I always felt called to DC; but two, we always had a heart for Grace Midtown. And we really struggled to find a church the last 3 years we’ve been married, so when the church announced they were planting it in DC my husband and I just felt like God was saying, “Hey your time is now. It’s time to move to DC.” So my husband applied for his dream job and he got it. And here we are.

Awesome! What’s your favorite part about DC?

I would say definitely the history. I love how there’s so much history here. Also there’s a very big cultural diversity which, since I was a little girl, is definitely what my heart is for. I feel like it sparks a lot of interest in me. It sparks a lot of desire to know more about this country and the history of how it started. That’s my favorite part.

Do you have a favorite museum?

Definitely the National Art Gallery. Because every Sunday they have free music concerts. 3:30

Why did I not know that? What kinds of music?

Anything. One time I went for a piano concert. String concerts. Opera. Every Sunday at 3:30.

Oh my gosh I want to go! What’s one thing you think everyone should know about DC?

I think DC is a place for everyone, even if when you first come here it doesn’t really feel like it. It might feel kind of scary or big, but its got something for everyone. Every culture, every group. I’ve never lived in a big city before, so I don’t know if that’s the way most cities are, but where I grew up, it’s definitely not as accepting of a place. And there’s just something special about this place. My husband and I used to come up here on what we called dream trips. We would just come up here whenever we could for a weekend and just walk around dreaming of our future. We’d be talking back and forth, “can you imagine this?”

Do you think that that the church fit in with what you guys were searching for?

Yes. Because several times we felt like we were meant to be in DC. We felt like that since before we got married. But, we considered moving back to Atlanta because we were having such a hard time finding a church. So it was kinda scary when you guys announced that you were going to plant a church here. Oh gosh we started asking, “So God are you going to give us what you promised us?” It’s exciting when he provides.

And it’s so exciting when people are in their dream place.

Yeah all my friends in Georgia are like, “So you’re a part of Grace Capital City, that’s awesome!”

What’s one thing you want people to know about you?

I want people to know that I love easily. I really do see the best in everyone and I want to be everyone’s friend. But, I’m also sassy, so that may seem like a contradiction but its not. I guess I can be sassy because I do love people so much. And I want to be a midwife in India someday.

Oh alright! What’s your catchphrase?

Is it bad if I don’t have one?

Come up with one. This is the thing you say and everyone goes “That’s so Kelsi.”

What is so Kelsi? There’s definitely things that only I say. I wish Joe was here. That’s it! “Joe would know!” Where’s my car? Joe would know. Or, whenever I say goodbye I say “goodbyyyyeeeee.”

That’s perfect. Thanks Kelsi.