House Church

Way back in January we launched three house churches in DC. They were made with the hopes of creating a place for people to have community, to know and be known, and to encounter the Lord with shared hearts. Now, six months down the road, the communities are thriving and solidifying their place in this city. Groups tend to meet about once a week, sometimes more, for hangouts or worship or simply to spend time together. Each week, relationships grow. Groups continue to become family and relationships with Jesus become stronger and even more exciting. A new house church has started up and more are in the works. It’s such a gift. It has been such a privilege and a blessing to watch people develop from near strangers to a loving family of friends.

My own experience with house church has been such a powerful testament to the potential of these communities and to the Lord’s goodness. We started out just meeting once a week, about fifteen of us, spending time getting to know each other. We mostly hung out, sharing meals and enjoying the company. At some point we started talking about more real stuff like what’s going on in our lives and what we’re struggling with or thinking about. Slowly but surely we became more comfortable with each other. It was natural to sit and share without prompting. It developed into a place of authenticity and transparency. We began worshiping and praying together, pursuing the Lord’s heart in all things. Every week now it’s something different. We get ice cream, we pray for healing, we talk about things we like, and these things don’t just happen once a week. If somebody wants to hang on the weekend or something, they just send a message to the group and see what’s up. It’s at this point now where I realize that these are my people. This is my family.

I truly believe that this kind of community, the house church community, is something the Lord loves. This is something He longs for, His children coming together in love and support of one another in a place where there is no question of whether or not they’ll be accepted. These communities are safe places where your name is remembered and you are wanted, not just by the people but by the Father. I could go on and on about how strongly I believe in the power of house churches and how much I adore the one I call home. I thank God for His presence in these communities and His heart for His children. And I thank God for the look on someone’s face when they realize that they’re wanted, they belong, and that they’re seen and heard. I love it.