Talking with Ryan - Member Profile


What is it that brought you to DC?

I came to DC to intern with International Justice Mission as a field communications intern. I basically came down here to jump into that and see where it would take me.

Sweet. Where do you live?

I live near Union Market, with five other dudes. Not the burger place, but just as much good food.

What is your favorite part about DC?

Probably the small pockets of community you can find in the mess of the crazy workload of the city. My favorite part about it is that because it’s so crazy and busy, you find these small groups of really awesome people who are intentionally looking for community because it’s so hard to find. Since its not normal to have really good community in DC and to have a place of belonging it makes it even more special when you find those pockets.

How did you find your community?

I found a lot of community at IJM and through playing music. The majority of community I found though and the most powerful and special one is at Grace Capital City. Between house church, church, and doing life with all these people its really been fulfilling for me and my walk with Christ.

Is that what drew you into Grace?

The community was definitely part of it. But it was more of a tap on shoulder from Jesus. When I came to visit with a couple friends, within the worship and at the gathering I felt Jesus’ presence in a way that I hadn’t necessarily felt before. I wasn’t used to following God’s calling or feeling that tap on the shoulder and I felt that for the first time. It was like “This is where you’re supposed to be. You are here for a reason.” I didn’t know what that meant but that is what drew me in. When the community kicked in, that’s when I knew why I was supposed to be here.

What is one thing you think everybody should know about DC?

There’s a lot more good than you would think. There’s a lot of people who have more love that they show in small acts of kindness that is not displayed in the media or in the generalization of the culture. You just see people opening the door someone or picking up an older person on the metro if they fall. You can see that people want to be loved and they want to love other people. I actually feel that specifically in DC. There’s a lot of people that have that heart and they just don’t always know how to display it because it is, for whatever reason, not supposed to be shown in a place where ambition is the focus.

What is one thing you want people to know about you?

I’m a mysterious guy. No. Just kidding. I love the ocean. I love long walks on the beach. Short walks on the beach. Strolling on the beach. Jogging on the beach. Sprints on the beach. Basically any sort of beach activity.

What is your catch phrase?

“Don’t put my baby in a corner.” Yeah that’s it. Would you put your baby in a corner? Nobody puts a baby in a corner. Or, “Don’t nickname babies in a corner.”

Wow. That was a heavy ending. Thanks dude.