We Launched!

Our God is a God who fulfills his promises. Grace Capital City has officially launched!

For well over a year, prayer and planning has been the foundation of this church. We’ve constantly been asking God, what is it that you want to do? What is it that you have for this city? With Him at the center of our hearts and minds we’ve done our best to follow in His footsteps. Now look where we are.

After months of confusion, months of wondering whether or not this will actually work out (at least the way we thought it would) The Lord provided. We launched our church at Church of the Pilgrims in a beautiful sanctuary with over 200 people in attendance. Families, students, volunteers, and church planters filled the space and it all became very real. Hearing the voices harmonize together in worship is something too amazing to really describe. Our pastor, Chris Moerman, taught about the face of Jesus, and how we are to be that face to DC. Once you see His face, there’s no going back. Then there were prayers and commissioning from spiritual leaders in Atlanta and DC. It suddenly felt like we all became a huge family. We are so thankful for all of this and what the Lord has done.

That night has proven to me once again that at the end of the day, everything really is grace. There is nothing that we did to deserve such magnificence. The grandness of the building, the prayerful support of His people, the relentless love of the Father is all unmerited, yet here it is. What a gift. What if we were to extend that grace? To love as He does, with justice and mercy. What if we, as the body of Christ, became the face of Jesus to this city? Big things are coming my friends. The goodness of the Lord is alive and well, forever and always.