Grace Notes // Desire - Week 2

Written by Keli Miller

Desire | Name, Identity, Desire

“You become what you behold.” 

There is power in what we name things.  When God created Adam he positioned him over the animals, giving authority to Adam, he tasked him with naming each one. In the same way, the names I call myself can hold authority over me. Children’s Director, writer, friend, christian, straight, single, these are just some of the names that can describe me in some way. It’s easy to find comfort and belonging in these groups and classifications and while each of these names defines me to a degree, none of them are all encompassing and none of them are the truest truth of who I am. Only God can speak that truth over me.

In today’s culture our sexual desires have been increasingly confused with our identity. We have given them a place of authority that they were never meant to have.  My sexual desires are not the truest or most important aspect of my identity, and they are not yours either. Similar to a body, our identity is made up of many parts. Like arms, hands, and legs we have desires, experiences and behaviors, that have shaped us and made us into who we are. But just like an arm does not represent the whole body, neither do your desires fully represent who you are. It would be wrong to name the body, “Arm”, because that wouldn’t be an accurate representation. Similarly, you are not your desires, they do not define you. What is all encompassing is the name that God gives you - Beloved. This is the truest truth about you, that despite any of your desires or experiences the Creator of the world calls you Beloved, and counts you as His.

“As many as are led by the spirit of God, there are Sons of God.”

Romans 8:14 

It’s that simple. When your identity is rooted here, you have a foundation of unchanging truth. We have to root our identity solely in God’s Word over us, this will prove to be our rock in the face of doubt and challenge.  With our eyes fixed on God, we have the confidence to test every aspect of our life, including every desire, and with honest searching seek God’s best intention for our lives.

on the journey inwards:

Where have you settled for a lesser name than the one God calls you? 

Ask God, what name has He given you?

In The Word:

Psalm 131

Isaiah 43:1-2

Romans 8